Surebonder S-12478 Polyamide - High Heat Resistance
Surebonder Ultra-Tac Polyamide - High Heat Resistance Applications, High Stress Joints, & Auto Repair
Surebonder S-12478 Polyamide - High Heat Resistance
S-12478 Polyamide - High Heat Resistance

S-12478 Polyamide - High Heat Resistance

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Formulated for high demand, commercial adhesive applications, this polyamide based glue stick stands up to high temperature, harsh climates and is chemical resistant.

Great for auto repair, high stress joints, and construction repairs. Will join most PVC, nylon, wood, metal, leather, film foils and urethanes. Resistance to plasticizer migration for vinyl bonding.

The Polyamide resin from which this glue is made is the basis for Nylon, which is an extremely durable plastic widely used when the durability of metal is needed, but the insulating and weight saving values of strong plastic are important.

The solvent for this commercial grade glue is acetone. Must be kept in air tight container. If you are not sure about your application please consult with us first as this glue is not returnable.


- Recommended application temp: 380 degrees F
- Softening point: 248 degrees F
- Open time: approx. 75 seconds
- Color: amber translucent
- Size: 7/16" diameter, 10" length (Fits Regular size 1/2" glue guns)
- FDA food packaging approval: #21CFR175.105
- Made in the USA

Keep this adhesive sealed in an air tight container, such as a RubberMaid container, to avoid moisture contamination.

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