Surebonder Extension Nozzles For Hot Melt Glue Gun

Nozzle Assortment - Flat and Round Glue Gun Nozzles - 6000

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Specialty aluminum nozzles for Surebonder's line of hot melt glue guns. Nozzles fit all Surebonder industrial glue guns with interchangeable nozzles. This set is compatible with  HE-750, DT-750, PRO2-100, PRO2-100L, PRO2-220PRO2-220HT, PRO450, PRO600, PRO-120, PRO2-60, PRO2-500, HYBRID-120 and all Ultra Series glue guns. Nozzle set includes three different style extension nozzles; flat and two round sizes. A check valve is included and required for each nozzle.

Product Features

  • Glue Gun Nozzles
  • Flat and Round Nozzles
  • SKU: 6000

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