Surebonder High Temp Electric Glue Skillet - 4" Diameter
Mini 4" Skillet Pan For Hot Melt Glue

High Temp Electric Glue Skillet - 4" Diameter

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The Mini 4" Skillet Pan is used for melting just about any type and any size glue stick for easy use. Dip parts directly into the melted glue.

Great for just about any craft use, but especially well suited for floral crafting. Dip each flower stem into the glue before inserting into the foam... Flowers stay put!

Our specially formulated Diamond Cubes Skillet Glue is an easy to use "non-stringing" hot melt adhesive. "Non-stringing" means that the glue does not leave a long stringy tail behind it when you dip and remove your part from the glue. Although you can use any one of our glues in these skillets, the Diamond Cube Skillet Glue is the perfect choice for a low cost general purpose adhesive.

Product Features

  • 4" Skillet
  • Easy to use, saves time, safer
  • Perfect for floral decorations

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