Adjustable Temp Electric Glue Skillet - 5-1/4" Diameter

Introducing our new Professional Series electric glue skillet. Perfect for professional floral or craft projects! Ideal for gluing floral stems and foam.
Just heat glue completely in skillet and dip floral or other craft items to get the glue coverage you want. Saves time and decreases the chance of burning your fingers. Reheat any unused glue for your next project. Features an adjustable temperature control, lighted on/off switch and non-stick finish.

Although you can use any one of our glues in these skillets, the Skillet Glue is the perfect choice for a low cost general purpose adhesive.


 - Dimensions:  5-1/4" Diameter. Glue Skillet. 5-1/2" Skillet.

- Temperature Dial - Low to High

- Lighted On/Off Switch