930 Construction Adhesive

930 Construction adhesive works like a (PUR) Polyurethane Reactive glue. 930 Construction adhesive is a pro-level option for flooring, woodworkers, cabinet makers, and installers. This glue formula is designed for bonding difficult substrates such as, metal, finished concrete, foil coated paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, rubber, leather, vinyl, and wood.

930 Construction adhesive performs well on applications that require a long open time, maximum adhesion, and greater heat/cold temperature resistance for extreme climates.


-Viscosity @375F: 1600 cps
-Softening Point: 190 F
-Open Time: Approximately 3 minutes
-FDA: Yes - CFR 175.105
-Working Temperature F: 250-380F
-Color: White, clear
-Cold resistant below freezing
-More working time, 3 minutes


- Cartons
- Ceramic
- Fabric
- Leather
- Metal
- Ornaments
- Plastics
- Vinyl
- Wood
- Hardwood starter rows & board replacement
- Architectural tack strips
- Glossy surfaces
- Foil coated paper
- Metals, plastics, and foams
- Large surfaces

Made in the USA