739 Dent Pulling High Strength Adhesive

Dent Puller glue sticks especially developed for PDR - Paintless Dent Repair. This unique glue stick has 50% greater dent pulling power than the most popular glue puller sticks on the market yet is easily removed from painted surfaces with just a few drops of alcohol.

This is the glue stick chosen by most Paintless Dent Repair companies.

Also bonds well to glass, ceramics, painted surfaces and most plastics.

Note: Best Results will be achieved when automobile panel temperature is at approx. 75 Degrees F.  Choose the "thicker formula" if you are located in a warmer climate, or during the summer months.

- Recommended car temperature: 75 degrees F
- Recommended glue temp.: 375 degrees F
- Open time: approx. 40 seconds
- Color: Amber or Black
- Size: 7/16" diameter (Fits Regular 1/2" glue guns)
- Made in the USA