735 High Strength Adhesive

This high strength, durable hot melt adhesive bonds to most metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, and coated paper. It exhibits great shock resistance even at low ambient temperature.

A favorite for use on indoor and outdoor tile, construction, roofing repairs, outdoor home and shop and anywhere a strong durable bond is required. Dura-Tac is especially well suited for the printing industry as a coated paperboard / laminated stock adhesive.

- Recommended application temp.: 370 degrees F
- Softening point: 180 degrees F
- Cold Resistance at approximately -22F
- Open time: approx. 40 seconds
- Color: amber
- FDA food packaging approval: #21CFR175.105
- Size: 7/16" diameter (Fits Regular 1/2" glue guns), and commercial sizes also available