702 Very Fast Set Packaging Adhesive

These specialty sticks are noticeably harder than most glue sticks due to the blend of polymers, industrial hardeners and wetting agents.

Although originally designed as an ultra fast carton sealing glue, they have also been widely received as a fantastic solution to many problems. 

- Perfect solution for quickly sealing smaller cartons.

- Sticks to: paper, wood, carpet, porous surfaces.

- Easily releases from: glass, metal, plastic, tile, etc.

This formula is great for:
- Woodworking Projects - gap filling, sandable
- Easy-release place-holding agent in assembly work, etc.

- Recommended application temp: 375 degrees F
- Softening point: 185 degrees F
- Open time: 6 to 40 seconds*
- Set time: 1 second
- Color: tan
- FDA food packaging approval: #21CFR175.105
- Sizes: 7/16"(Fits regular 1/2" glue guns), and 5/8" diameter, 4" and 10" length
- Made in the USA

* A 1/8" bead on kraft paper will be too cool to use after 6 seconds. A 1" puddle on the table will still be sticky after 40 seconds.