4588 Polyamide High Strength Adhesive - Available in Black or Amber

This 4588 polyamide hot melt adhesive has a very low viscosity and is specifically chosen for electronics potting and parts encapsulation. This glue is also widely used in the hair extension industry.

Note: The set time is usually less than one minute, but depends on the amount of the adhesive applied. For small applications a set time of 5-10 seconds is common.


Sizes: 5/16" (Fits mini glue guns), and 7/16" (Fits Regular 1/2" glue guns), 
Colors: Brown, Natural, and Black
Open time: 25 Seconds
Recommended Application Temperature: 275-375 F
Viscosity: 1800-2400 cps @ 375F
Heat Resistance: 253 F
Dielectric Constant 1 kc, 1 mc, 6.06, 2.96
Dielectric Strength volts/mil @ 125 mH 740
Dissapation Factor 1 kc, 1 mc, 0.180, 0.097
Volume Resistivity ohm/cm 2.4E+11

Made in the USA

Keep this adhesive sealed in an air tight container, such as a RubberMaid container, to avoid moisture contamination.