3190 - Candle Wick Adhesive

Ensuring that your candle wicks stay in place should be a top priority. This Candle Wick Adhesive excellent tack, and bonds well to metal, glass, plastic, and other hard to glue surfaces. This hot melt glue formula has a medium open time, and starts setting quickly upon compression. This high strength hot melt glue makes candle making easy!


-Size: 7/16" (Fits Regular 1/2" glue guns), 
- Recommended glue temp.: 250-400 degrees F
- Open time: approx. 45 seconds
- Set Time: 8 Seconds
- Color: Opaque/White
- Heat Resistance: 140F
- Softening Point: 160F
- FDA food packaging approval: #21CFR175.105

- Made in the USA