10154 Fugitive Pressure Sensitive Glue - Credit Card Glue

This fugitive glue is commonly referred to as temporary hold, peel-able "Credit Card Glue". This easy to use adhesive gives an instant peelable bond between most substances. Ideal for direct marketing and multiple packaging, as well as magazine, brochure, and letter inserts.

Available in three different forms:

- Specialty Glue Gun with Heater Base - For low volume applications.

- Fugitive Glue Dabs - Simple, no-fuss dots of glue.

- Fugitive Glue Bricks - Used in the Commercial Dispenser.

- Color: Clear
- FDA food packaging approval: #21CFR175.105

- Each 1.5 oz. cartridge yields 400-600 dime-size dots of glue, depending on how thick you make the dots.
- One glue brick yields approximately 714 compressed dime-size dots of glue.

Made in the USA